Why You Should Go On A South African Big 5 Holiday

Why You Should Go On A South African Big 5 Holiday | A Big 5 holiday truly is one of the most unique vacation getaways that you and your family can experience.

Many visitors fall in love with Africa – the air seems different, wilder, and there is always the sense of excitement that comes with spotting your favorite animals. Don’t forget that if you are from another country and planning a drive in South Africa then you need to get an International Driver’s Permit.

And while ultimately the location in which you choose to experience your Big 5 holiday will vary, a couple of things remain the same:

1. Exquisite African safari lodges

Compared to hotels and resorts, it’s easy to see the appeal that safari lodges have – beautiful local architecture, wildlife that roams freely and the captivating bush that encapsulates it all.

These lodges are always decorated with the utmost attention to detail to make you feel like African royalty. And in addition to that, the views that these rooms enjoy are some of the most spectacular and breath-taking in the world!

The lodges have a large variety of activities that their guests can enjoy – of course everyone will go on the game drives, but there is also a lot of enjoyment to be had laying by the pools under the African sun, and enjoying some much-needed pampering at the spas.

Additionally, African safari lodges are renowned for the hospitality of their friendly staff, who really go the extra mile with their world-class warmth and dispositions.

2. Beautiful and unique plant life

The African bush itself is as diverse as its inhabitants – every safari lodge in Africa will present you with its startling and unique plant life. African bush can range from being shrubby and sparse with clumps of grasses and aloes in drier areas, to densely forested in regions with rainfall or rivers.

For example, game reserves in KZN will exhibit different flora than game reserves in the Western Cape, which overall experience less rain, and are more influenced by the region’s Mediterranean climate.

3. Up-close wildlife encounters

We’ve already mentioned the game drives, without which, no African safari holiday would be complete. But in addition to these exciting drives, game reserves also offer on-foot guided tours through the bush, with knowledgeable tour guides.

But regardless of whether you walk or drive, you can still expect to learn everything there is to know about the bush, and to get as close to the wildlife as you can.

You’ll be closer to lions, elephants and rhinos than you have ever been in life your life – but you’ll also be able to appreciate all the other animals that make the bush the thriving ecosystem that it is. Everything from dazzling birdlife to the littlest dung beetle can help you appreciate the magic of these game reserves.

4. Perfect for one or for many

Whether you’re intending to do some solo travelling and reconnecting with yourself, or you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon spot to share with your partner, or even if you’re looking for a vacation for the whole family – an African safari can satisfy everyone!

Being in the African bush is truly one of the most romantic places in the entire world – think sipping on sundowners watching the sunset across the African landscape with your beloved next to you.

And think about how excited your kids would get to get to meet their favorite animals in person! It’s the perfect way for them to learn to love and respect animals and nature.

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