8 Travel Essentials for Short Trips Away

Short trips don’t require quite as much planning or packing as a longer vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should rush your packing list.

Whether you are on a business trip or enjoying a short romantic getaway, here are the eight travel essentials you’ll need to bring.

1: Booking Tickets

The last item you want to forget is your boarding pass or hotel booking tickets. Most booking tickets are kept on phones, so make them readily available on your phone before setting off. Some tickets also require activating, so make sure you do that when necessary, too. Don’t forget to book your airport parking in advance with parkon.com, as it will help you save both time and money.

2: Electronics (and Chargers)

You won’t get very far these days without your electronics, so remember to pack your phone, laptop, tablet, and chargers. Depending on where you are heading, you might also need plug adaptors.

3: A Few Outfit Changes

There is no point in stuffing a whole suitcase with ten different outfits if you’re only going to be away for three days, but there is little harm in giving yourself a couple of options. It’s always handy to have an extra pair of underwear and socks in your luggage, and you should also include a couple of extra warm layers in case the weather turns cold. If you’re going out for a fancy dinner or an event, remember to bring a lint roller.

4: Toiletries

To ensure you can wash and stay groomed while away, fill a bag with all the toiletries you intend to use. That might include deodorant, skin-care products, and make-up. If you’re staying in a hotel, the chances are they’ll provide products for washing your body and hair, so you won’t need to worry about those as much.

5: Your Purse/Wallet

You’re unlikely to forget your purse or wallet, but make sure you put it on your packing list anyway, as forgetting it could turn into a nightmare. Inside should hold your credit cards, money, driver’s license, and any other small but important documents.

6: Your Passport

If you are planning on traveling abroad, you will not get anywhere without your passport, so put it inside a passport holder and make sure it is in your hand luggage when you set off.

7: Items of Comfort

You might think you’ll manage without your extra pillow or blanket for a few days, but those little pieces of comfort can make all the difference to your trip, especially if you’re spending a few hours on transport.

8: A Book or Magazine

While you might not be away from home for long, there’s still the chance that you’ll get stuck for a few extra hours at the airport or need some reading material on the train into the city, so pack a book or magazine to pass by the time.

Once you have all the essentials packed and ready to go, you can then focus on enjoying your short time away. Make use of Etihad Airways Coupons to get good flight discounts to anywhere in the world.

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