Here are 8 Steps to a Successful Career Change in 2022

Here are 8 Steps to a Successful Career Change in 2022 | New Year, New Career? It is important not to settle down in life and always pursue “things” that make us happy.

The same applies for the jobs that we choose to do. Thus, changing career paths if the one you are currently on doesn’t satisfy you is the right thing to do. And I will help you out by presenting you 8 simple steps in order to have a bright future in your new dream job.

Step 1: Research

You should make sure that you know all your options before choosing your next career path. Google is your best friend at this stage. Check the job descriptions of roles that you have always wanted to try and find out new positions that have entered the market. Learn which jobs are high in demand now and some predictions of their demand in the future. Also, check the estimated annual salary in order to ensure that you won’t end up doing a job that will make you starve.

Step 2: Talk with an expert

Once you have found a couple of jobs that sound like something that you could picture yourself doing, contact a person who has been doing that job for several years. Ask them about their work life and if they have any advice to offer.

Step 3: Take up lessons

Every job requires a specific set of skills. For example, you can’t teach French if you don’t speak the language and if you know nothing about teaching a foreign language. You should spend some time either attending school or registering for courses online so that you get the theoretical background needed to perform the job of your choosing.

Step 4: Volunteer

Employers ask for work experience because they don’t want to waste time and money on a person who may not have what it takes to excel in their role. A way to prove to a future employer that you are worth a place in their company is by volunteering. Working at the role you desire without getting paid shows to your superior that not only are you passionate about the particular job but also that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the job responsibilities successfully. For example, a lot of people who publish travel content on their personal blogs have been hired at travel magazines or travel agencies because they know how to write engaging travel pieces.

Step 5: Promote yourself

Once you feel ready with all the practice you’ve done thanks to volunteer work, you can show the world your talents by sharing and promoting your projects on the internet. You can create a website or social media accounts which function as a virtual portfolio of your work. Additionally, you can register to listing sites, where professionals of every field have a profile describing their skills and encourage businesses that would like to have an employee like them to get in touch. For example, voice actors can create an account on Voquent and casting directors get to learn about them and see a sample of their work before they request an interview.

Step 6: Stand out during the interview

The fact that your previous job was totally irrelevant with the jobs you’re currently applying for can be the trait that makes you stand out from the rest of your competition. There are definitely transferable skills that you have acquired and they will be useful to your new career path. Mention them and you will be the one that hiring agents remember while they’re trying to make a choice.

Step 7: Don’t rush

Before quitting your current job, make sure that you have a new one. It will probably be hard to balance two jobs and your personal life. However, you should ensure that you earn enough money to survive before giving up the security and the stable income of your current job.

Step 8: Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Once you get a job in your new field, don’t hesitate to ask questions and help from your colleagues and your superiors. Making sure that you understand what you’re asked to do and having all the information you need in order to complete a task to the best of your abilities will benefit both you and the company you’re working for.

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