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My name is Mohd Huzaifah Muntalip, aged 20ish, a husband to a beautiful wife and a father of a cute little girl. For a living, I’m currently working full-time as a research officer in a road safety research institute in Malaysia. I graduated from University of Minnesota in 2007 in Mechanical Engineering. Blogging on travel niche is my hobby during leisure time. There is a saying, “The World is a Book, and Those who do not Travel Read only a Page“. The Akademi Fantasia blog is about personal experience, beauty places around the world and also odd stuffs found along the way. Currently the blog is having Google PR of 4, Alexa Rank of 50000 and unique visitors of about 80000+ monthly. It will take time but sooner or later this gonna be huge archieve of most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Following is a history list of the blog achievement.

Sunset at Monument Valley (USA 2006)

August 2009 – The blog has been invited by Forbes Luxury Travel Blog Network to publish their network advertisements. The deal is closed now due to the fact that I’m not happy with the earning I got from the said network.

October 2009 – The blog has been nominated as top 5 finalists for Nuffnang Asia Pacific Best Blog Awards in Travel Category in Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore. I didn’t win but really good experience.

Finalists of Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogging Awards for Travel Category (Singapore 2009)

March 2010 – The blog has been invited by Fox Global Networks to publish their network advertisements and lately I terminated the deal due to the facts that they served annoying and spammy advertisement.

April 2010 – Yeay, after 2 years, the blog has been reached its first 1000000 visitors. More details can be found here: Akademi Fantasia 1 Million Visitors

If you like the blog, please subscribe to Akademi Fantasia RSS Feed too! Do stop by sometime and I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any inquiries about the blog, advertisement or anything else (eg: interested on being guest writers/share your travel experience), please contact me as follows. I’ll do my best to reply you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting my blog. Below are some of my travel photos.

On the edge of Cliff of Moher (Ireland 2009)

Exploring city of Suzhou (China 2009)

Like a shark at Manhattan Beach of California (USA 2010)

Chilling at the top of Rocky Mountains (USA 2010)

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  1. i am not coming back to your site until you stop running ads that automatically play sound. either make it my choice or remove them altogether.

    • oh which ads that play sounds? can u tell me on which part of the blog? it is automatically generated by the ads service. if u let me know, ill tell them to not serve that kind of ads anymore..ur feedback will be appreciated. thanks.

  2. http://www.akademifantasia.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/victoria-falls-devil-pools1.jpg
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Dr. Chengetai J. Zvobgo,formerly Associate Professor of History atthe University of Zimbabwe. I have recently completed a manuscript, A History of Zimbabwe, 1890-2000 which is awaiting publication by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in Newcastle upon Tyne in Britain. I am requesting permission to use your photo of Victoria Falls, measuring 768×1024-184k as part of the illustrations for the book. The publisher wants to know whether we can use the photo.It’s very urgent and if possisble, please respond in the next 24 hours as the matter is very urgent. Please help by granting permission.


    C. J. Zvobgo

    • Hi Dr. Chengetai.

      You can use it for free but with proper credits. Thanks for letting me know.


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    Do let me know.


  5. Hello.
    I write a blog about beauty.Can I will use a photos from your blog in the my blog?I am put the reference to your blog.

    • @Tatiana Yes you can go ahead to use any of them but with proper credit to my blog. Thx

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  7. nice blog…
    btw,why u named your blog AkademiFantasia?
    are u a big fans of that reality show?

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