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  • Top 5 Creepiest Castle in the World

    Top 5 Creepiest Castle in the World | Castles always capture our imaginations and have done since our childhood when they featured in fairytales and stories.

  • vice-versa house in Autria

    vice-versa house in Autria | If you’re easily-dizzied, stop read or look the below pictures. For those that aren’t, you’ll be totally gobsmacked by this real life Upside-Down House.

  • Unleash The Loop

    Unleash The Loop | Last time international design competition for the key signature gateway bridge has won by Buro Happold for the new Shizimen Business District in Zhuhai, China. The bridge along the Pearl River Deltacoastline.

  • Strange But True

    Strange But True | All around the world, there are strange events that happen every year, but these that follow are 5  ot the oddest annual festivals you might ever visit, and maybe worth aiming to see, one day.

  • Clothing of Malaysians

    Clothing of Malaysians – Every country have their own traditional as well as modern clothing which represents the country’s culture. In Malaysia, these traditional clothes are being wore during festivities and even on normal days. Lets see some of the pictures that I search on the net about this beautiful clothing that all Malaysian are […]

  • 5 Bizarre Subcultures

    5 Bizarre Subcultures | Subcultures are made up of a group of people within a society who want to identify themselves with their own culture. Rather than conforming with society, people within subcultures wish to stand out from the crowd, often in the most extreme manner.

  • Tilt-Shift Photography Around The World – PART 3

    Tilt-Shift Photography Around The World – PART 3 – Here is the third part of the post for this photography with tilt-shift effect applied. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures!

  • Tilt-Shift Photography From Around The World – PART 2

    Tilt-Shift Photography From Around The World – PART 2 – Tilt-shift photography, or more specifically tilt-shift effect photography has become increasingly popular. The selective focus is angled to give the impression of a miniature scene and the results can sometimes be incredible. Here are more pictures from around the world.

  • Tilt-Shift Photographs From Around The World – PART 1

    Tilt-Shift Photographs From Around The World Part 1– For those who doesnt know what tilt shift photograph is, it is one type of picture which are taken with main object of the image is focused and the rest are blurred to give it an effect which looks like all the objects in the picture are […]

  • Weird Statue Around Us

    Weird Statue Around Us | From Lady Liberty and Honest Abe to Christ the Redeemer and David, statues from all around the world are revered for their beauty and symbolism. Yet these sculptures, featured 5 Weird Statues photo essay, are a little different. Some are fun, most are freaky, and all of them will definitely make […]