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  • Mykonos Greece Among World’s Sexiest Island 2008!

    Too much talking about Akademi Fantasia, now I’m switching completely to my favourite topic which is travel. Anyway, this blog is about travel right? Well, to start with, Mykonos is a party-hardy island that burned itself out in the 1990s amid a glut of U.K. package-tour revelers pounding cheap ouzo. But the heat returned with […]

  • Travel to Romantic Paris City

    After about 13 hours of direct flight from Kuala Lumpur International airport (KLIA), we finally touched down at Charles de Gaulle Airport. We were a bit disorientated at first, and there were so many people at the airport. We went through the immigration custom very smoothly without any problem linked to the SARS issue from […]

  • Venice the Romantic Water City

    VENICE have epithet Love Town besides Paris of course, surely we can have a romantic atmosphere there. Otherwise, Venice resident skillful to make handicraft, becoming one of the tourism attractiveness. Choose month of April-May to visit Venice because that is a springtime where the weather not cool enough and suitable weather for tourist from tropical […]