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  • Scary Fish Stranded on the Beach

    My morning had been shocked by an email received from my good friend, Fixx. The email contains photos of weird fish with molar and canine teeth, stranded on an unknown beach. It looks very scary to me and seems like somebody had just fried the fish! Go see these creepy pictures by yourself and tell […]

  • Top 10 Most Magnificent Mosques in the World

    Mosques are places where the followers of Islam worship. There are many of them around the world, ranging from very large Mosques that can seat 50,000 people to ones so small that they can only hold 10 people at a time. They are known for having amazing domes with crescents on top; tall and slender minarets that […]

  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: The Most Creepiest Pool in the World

    Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders) or The Victoria Falls, which was named by Scottish explorer, David Livingstone, is located in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. The height of the magnificent waterfalls is 108 meters, which can be considered among the highest waterfalls in the world. (Schmidtr01 Photobucket) The most popular location is known as the “Devil’s Swimming […]

  • Siege of Leningrad Blockade Now and Then Photos

    History has told us all but frequently we forget about the hardship experienced by generations past, especially during certain wars. However, some people have a very creative and profound way of reflecting on times gone by, presenting their take on the world in a new light. Hopefully our children and future generation will still remember […]

  • Magnificent Beach Houses in Dubai Photos

    Magnificent Beach Houses in Dubai Photos | Dubai is one of the most lavish and fastest growing cities in the world. The reason being is because of their amazing architecture that you can find all over the city. Almost every week I am asked by a handful of people from different countries what they should […]

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

    Looking at the past, the first bridges were most likely made by nature as simple as a log fallen across a stream. Periodically humans build the bridges from spans of wooden logs or planks and eventually stones, using a simple support and crossbeam arrangement. However, most of these early bridges are not quite safety as […]