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  • From China To Japan

    From China To Japan – I found this picture from Google Map that gices direction on how to get to Japan from China, and this is what it tells us to do.

  • Unusual Bus Stop

    Unusual Bus Stop – A bus stop is a designated place where buses stop for passengers to board or leave a bus. These are normally positioned on the highway and are distinct from off-highway facilities such as bus stations. The construction of bus stops tends to reflect the level of usage. Stops at busy locations […]

  • Funny Tourists as Seen by Local

    This photo was taken on July 7, 2011 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Germany DE, by using a Sony DSLR-A100. What are they actually looking at? Can you guess? Credit to Evan Hadfield for this cool photo.

  • Real Spongebob in Malaysia

    My friend sent me this photo of real Spongebob taken at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Maybe he was so tired after days of film shooting. For those who do not know, SpongeBob SquarePants (often referred to simply as SpongeBob) is an American animated television series, created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg. 🙂

  • Hippies Are Not Allowed in Malaysia

    IMMIGRATION WARNING. Malaysia welcomes bona fide tourists but not hippies. You are therefore advised at all times to dress, behave, and live decently in hotels as becoming a bona fide tourist. If you are found dressed in shabby, dirty or indecent clothes, or living in temporary or make-shift shelters you will be deemed to be […]

  • (Funny) How to Decor Your Home for Christmas?

    Do you love Christmas decorations? Then don’t leave any area undecorated. Get ideas for Christmas decorating every area of your home, inside and out! BUT…this photo is just too “great” to be true. Everything is over limit. Are Christmas decorations like this too much? In my opinion, somewhere, a line must be drawn. The person […]

  • Genuine Fake Watches in Turkey (Funny)

    My friend was recently visiting Turkey and sent me these funny photos of “genuine fake watches” for tourist souvenirs. The “genuine fake watches” signs were visible everywhere. It is kind of shocking. Turkey with about 70 million of people is surely an interesting place to be. Why? At least in China, they don’t openly declare […]

  • Travel from Japan to China using Google Map

    Do you know how to go from Japan to China? Try using Google Map and I assure you, you will find a shocking result. Follow these simple step by step instructions to find out:

  • (Funny) School Then and Now

    When stumbling upon a post called, “school then and now”, I just remember my past post entitled, “Siege of Leningrad Blockade Now and Then Photos“. Indeed, this is very true. In the past, whenever we came home, our mother always ask us, “have you been kind to your teacher today?“. And look at now. let’s […]

  • Failed Tourists at Pisa Tower

    I laughed when I saw this photo. I cannot imagine myself on that photo. To be truth, when I was in Pisa i was determined to resist the desire to get a shot like that too. And I failed. How about you?