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  • A Planning & Packing Guide To Traveling by Bus in Argentina

    A Planning & Packing Guide To Traveling by Bus in Argentina | Natural wonders, bustling cities and a rich culture – Argentina is a massive country. The third largest country in the Southern Hemisphere is one of the best places to travel around in, and every city mirrors diverse cultures. Perched on a tranquil coastline […]

  • Dolls Island in Mexico – Scariest Island in the World

    Dolls Island in Mexico – Scariest Island in the World | They’re supposed to be a favourite childhood toy, but there’s something about dolls that can turn grown adults into a quivering mess. This isolated island in Mexico is downright terrifying and tourists can’t keep away. Located not far from Mexico City, the spine chilling […]

  • Main Attractions of the Caribbean

    Main Attractions of the Caribbean | There are, quite literally, hundreds of islands in the Caribbean. This tropical region is one of the most visually stunning areas in the world and itʼs no surprise that millions of tourists vacation there each year. Holidays to the Caribbean have it all – beauty, nature, and a rich history […]

  • 5 Best Chocolate Factory Tour Around US

    5 Best Chocolate Factory Tour Around US – If you really want to impress a chocoholic on Valentine’s Day, consider stopping by one of these chocolate factory tours in the USA. Most of these tours are free. But even if you can only give your sweetheart a box of chocolates this year, these tours are […]

  • Cancun Underwater Museum

    Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico – Submerge yourself in one of the most beautiful and clear waters of the world, The Mexican Caribbean. Cancun Underwater Museum is located underwater off the coast of Isla de Mujeres and Cancun, Mexico. It is an underwater museum with a series of sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor. The project […]

  • Unusual and Odd Hotels to Bed Down @HostelBookers

    A treehouse? A castle? A cave? Now that’s an interesting way to spice up your holiday. Check out some of these unusual hotels around the world that are still well within budget for all sorts of travellers. Whether you want to treat your kids to an adventure or let you other half feel like a […]

  • Mauritius: The Seven Colors Earth, Beautiful and Unusual Natural Phenomena

    When you are trying to find some attractive and unusual location to spend your holiday, you probably do not expect nothing spectacular from a village. However, the Chamarel village is different. It is probably one of the rare villages which are competing with other top touristic locations all over the world.

  • Chile: Puyehue Volcano Eruption Followed by Large Cloud of Ash and Amazing Thunderstorms

    After large earthquake hit the area near the Puyehue-Cordon Callue volcanic range in Chile, last weekend, an volcanic eruption emerged. Puyehue volcano eruption has caused an ash cloud more which is more than ten kilometers in height and covered the Andes.

  • Mount Roraima, the World’s Highest Flat-Topped Mountain

    Mount Roraima ( Monte Roraima) is the world’s highest flat-topped mountain with its height of 2810 meters. It is located in Gran Sabana, at the border between Venezuela, Brasil and Guiana. Its unusual shape and its glorious height have became an attraction for many of hiking-tourists which are coming here to experience unique feel of […]

  • Five Amazing Caves to Explore in Brazil

    Guest post contributed by Lela Lake for Travel PR company, WildCard. Undoubtedly, there are many fascinating things to do on the surface in Brazil, but for a truly unique experience, consider exploring some of the stunning caves that permeate the region. Many of these caves have great historical significance and have been used for centuries […]