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  • Umbria the Green Heart of Italy: Blog and Photos

    Everybody knows that the region of Umbria is notably known as Italy’s green heart. Being east to the very well known region of Tuscany, Umbria, which is located in the center of Italy, has many wonderful hill towns and great place for food and wine. However, things that do attract tourists to come are its […]

  • GeckoGo: Easy Malaysia Travel Guide

    For the coming school holidays, my work department is planning to do a family day in Malacca. I was assigned to do some details research about the place and interesting activities that can be done over there. Well, to be truth, I haven’t been in Malacca quite some time, so I went online and typed […]

  • Cheap Hotel Promotions at Las Vegas, Nevada

    I realize that many of us can’t enjoy the year of 2008 properly due to instability of the world economy, which has implicitly affecting our life. As a result, our children were just staying home, playing video games and watching TV during last winter break. Why you are so cruel when you know that actually there […]

  • Visiting Philippines, the Thousand Beauty Islands Country Places

    We are all just celebrating the New Year 2009 and hopefully this new year will bring us a better life. But that can’t come on it’s own, we should act on it. Thus, from my humble opinion, it is time for us to decide the great place for our vacation this year. “Do you have […]