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  • Weird Houses

    Weird Houses – These are the compilations of houses around the world that is weird be it about the design or the placement of the houses itself. Some of these houses are lived by people and some of them are opened to the public to visit.

  • UFO Treehouse Hotel

    UFO Treehouse Hotel – Tucked away in a quiet forest near the Lule River in Harads, Sweden is Treehotel, a themed hotel park consisting of treehouses designed by some of Scandanavia’s leading architects that was just awarded the 2011 Swedish Grand Tourism Prize. There are currently 24 rooms planned. Some of them, including the Mirrorcube […]

  • Top 6 Unusual Hotel Beds in The World

    Top 6 Unusual Hotel Beds in The World – Having trouble finding a unique hotel room? Need some inspiration for a special, romantic or fun break? Here are a few of the world’s most original hotel beds, ranging from sandwiches to sand castles:

  • Car Themed Hotel

    Car Themed Hotel -The V8 Hotel, named after the famous eight cylinder engine is located in the centre of Stuttgart’s Meilenwerk – a German international hub for car dealers.

  • Boutique Hotels

    Boutique Hotels – With the thought of coming up with luxury boutique hotels, travelers today are no longer limited to the cheap motels or big, branded hotels. This boutique hotels offer a different hotel experience, as intimate as giving you a feeling of a home away from home, really comfortable, or eccentric in best of […]

  • Colmar – Beautiful Town in France

    Colmar – Beautiful Town in France – If you miss the harmony of nature and historic building, visiting Colmar can be a great decision. Colmar is a city located in Alsace, northeastern France. It is famous with the beauty of vintage style between the modernity offered by today’s building. The old town probably is the […]

  • Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe

    Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe | Are you tired of the same standard of hostel accommodation? Looking for a bit of history from your hostel? From palaces to converted castles, we explore some of Europe’s most historic lodgings for some unique and unusual ideas on where to stay.

  • Best Villas and Apartments in the World

    A holiday is the best time of the year when one can relax and have a great time with friends and family. The most important part of any vacation is the accommodation. The accommodation is that part of the holiday which can make it relaxing and rejuvenating. Many times a hotel is not the preferred […]