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  • 5 Safest Destinations To Travel

    5 Safest Destinations To Travel | For people who do not like traveling adventures and unpredictable situation, but rather for it to be organized in advance, maximum comfortable and safe we made ​​a list of 5 most suitable destinations.

  • Ayia Napa’s Best Adventure Activities

    Ayia Napa’s Best Adventure Activities | Ayia Napa is known across the world for it’s beautiful beaches and buzzing nightlife. It is perennially popular with the young clubbing crowd of Europe, and low-cost holiday providers like On The Beach operate year-round Ayia Napa holidays, catering to the huge demand. But it isn’t all about partying. […]

  • Making the Most of Adventure Holidays

    Making the Most of Adventure Holidays | The key to making the most of adventure holidays is as simple as lining up the kind of activities that get your adrenaline flowing and choosing a destination that really takes your fancy. Fortunately, the list of activities you can choose from these days is virtually never ending […]

  • Okavango Delta in Botswana, the World’s Largest Inland Delta

    If you are planning  a safari in Africa, the Okavango Delta could be the perfect place for you. It is also known as Okavango Swamp and it is located in Botswana. It owns the title of the world’s largest inland delta.

  • Fly Geyser, Amazing And Yet Undiscovered Natural Phenomena in Nevada

    While watching the following photos attached to this post you might get a feel that you are watching some fake Photoshopped photos but you can be sure that this place is very real, despite it looks opposite.

  • Five Amazing Caves to Explore in Brazil

    Guest post contributed by Lela Lake for Travel PR company, WildCard. Undoubtedly, there are many fascinating things to do on the surface in Brazil, but for a truly unique experience, consider exploring some of the stunning caves that permeate the region. Many of these caves have great historical significance and have been used for centuries […]