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  • Cute Mila AF5 in Chicken Costume!

    Mila, the winner of AF5 has been spotted in one of ASTRO channels wore a cute chicken costume. Here are the photos. I like it! So cute. Thanks to OhBulan! Resource

  • Flash Back to Akademi Fantasia 5 Students

    Somebody like me of course didnt know what the heck Akademi Fantasia is and who’s on it, especially on this season 5 episodes. So I tried to search and compile those students from Akademi Fantasia 5. After a year, I familiarize with some because I casually watch them on TV but most of them are […]

  • Mawi and Heliza Cook at Institute of Korean Traditional Cuisine

    It’s a perfect setting to learn all about Korean food. The decision of Mawi, Heliza and Akademi Fantasia crews to come to the Institute of Traditional Korean Cuisine in Pyeongchang County of Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province) is really benefecial. It is making a name for itself in with its unique cookery classes and other recreational activities. […]