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  • Free Akademi Fantasia Handphone Screensaver

    Among those students of AF7, who is your favorite? Whoever it is, you can get any of their pictures (screen saver for cellphone) for free. Yes you heard me. It is free! The most important thing is the pictures are very unique and cannot be found anywhere else. This offer only valid on Saturday, 16 […]

  • Senarai Akhir Peserta Akademi Fantasia 7

    List of those who will participate in Akademi Fantasia season 7 has been released by Astro. There are 20 of them and starting next week, they will make their first debut. Are they good? We will see. Below is the picture of those Akademi Fantasia 7 participants. For High Resolution Photo For More Details on […]

  • Want to Participate in Akademi Fantasia 7? Check this Out!

    I heard that the percentage of SMS vote for Akademi Fantasia 6 was low compared to the previous 5 Akademi Fantasia seasons. But despite of declination number of SMS votes from the audience, ASTRO is still introducing a new chapter of Akademi Fantasia. This news is somehow making a great news to the Akademi Fantasia […]