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  • Traveling To Cape Town? Here’s What You Need To Know

    Traveling To Cape Town? Here’s What You Need To Know | Located at the southernmost tip of Africa, Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful cities. If you’re looking for travel to the Mother City, here as some things you should keep in mind: Safety Cape Town does have high theft and […]

  • Is Egypt a Safe Place for Backpackers?

    Is Egypt a Safe Place for Backpackers? | When you’re traveling the world with your backpack, it’s quite common to wonder if where you’re going is safe. Finding out as you arrive isn’t always a good idea! But, are countries like Egypt a safe place for backpackers? As one of the most exciting African countries, […]

  • There’s More to Tenerife Than Clubs and Bars

    There’s More to Tenerife Than Clubs and Bars | There’s no denying that many of the holidaymakers who flock to the Spanish island of Tenerife do so for its 24/7 party culture. There are plenty of clubs and bars for revelers to make the most of, and tourists can sleep off their hangovers on the sun loungers […]

  • Trip to South Africa: Kruger Park – Useful Information and Tips

    Trip to South Africa: Kruger Park – Useful Information and Tips | Elephants, zebras, monkeys, impalas, giraffes, lions, leopards, buffaloes, condors, ravens, baboons, rhinos, hippos, warthogs and hyenas are some of the animals that you are going to see while traveling to South Africa. You will only need a day in Kruger Park in order […]

  • Unique Of Egypt

    Unique Of Egypt | Egypt ( Republic Arab of Egypt ) located at north africa‘s continent is a country that has the largest population in Africa. There were 80 million people live with the most earlier history on other country. A country that is interesting to make a holiday.

  • Top 5 Worlds Best Winter Vacation

    Top 5 Worlds Best Winter Vacation | Are you looking for the best holiday deals for your winter vacation? Millions of people think about going for a family trip during the winters and therefore you should start looking for the best destinations that can help you to make the most of the quality time that […]

  • Okavango Delta in Botswana, the World’s Largest Inland Delta

    If you are planning  a safari in Africa, the Okavango Delta could be the perfect place for you. It is also known as Okavango Swamp and it is located in Botswana. It owns the title of the world’s largest inland delta.

  • Why You Should Visit Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh is a popular resort town as well as port in Sinai, Egypt. What was once a small fishing village of the Arab world has now turned into a highly sought after vacation destination and with good reason. Now it is possible to take direct charter flights to Sharm El Sheikh straight from […]

  • Top 3 Things to See on your Morocco Holiday

    If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, Morocco will certainly not disappoint. With its stunning coastline with the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Morocco boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Morocco has beautiful resorts with a mix of ancient Moroccan style and […]

  • South Africa before World Cup 2010 (PICS)

    South Africa is currently the eyes of the world. Everybody is watching and waiting. Last 2009, South Africa was organized The Confederations Cup, which is regarded as a dress rehearsal for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, also will be hosted by South Africa – the first World Cup to be held in Africa. Expectations are […]