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  • Free Akademi Fantasia Handphone Screensaver

    Among those students of AF7, who is your favorite? Whoever it is, you can get any of their pictures (screen saver for cellphone) for free. Yes you heard me. It is free! The most important thing is the pictures are very unique and cannot be found anywhere else. This offer only valid on Saturday, 16 […]

  • Akademi Fantasia 4 is Another Worst Season??!

    This is another unknown season by me. Akademi Fantasi season aired during time that I was not in Malaysia, so I didnt follow much, well even I were at Malaysia, I didn’t watch much of television, so didn’t affect me. Well, the above Youtube video is the performance of the champion of Akademi Fantasia, Faizal […]

  • The Worst Season: Akademi Fantasia 2??!

    Akademi Fantasia Season 2 is the worst season I think. Why? Because I didnt watch it. Too busy with study and plus I’m not interested on watching the show. There are only couple of name who I think make it to be popular, the rest of the students of Akademi Fantasia 2 just vanish through […]

  • A Glance on Akademi Fantasia 1

    Akademi Fantasia Season 1? Who is the one instantly coming to your mind? Difficult eh. This is the pioneer group of students who bring Akademi Fantasia until season 6. I almost forgot who actually won the season. What happened to the most of them currently? Name like Vince, Khai, Nana and Rosma is easy. For me, […]

  • Flash Back to Akademi Fantasia 5 Students

    Somebody like me of course didnt know what the heck Akademi Fantasia is and who’s on it, especially on this season 5 episodes. So I tried to search and compile those students from Akademi Fantasia 5. After a year, I familiarize with some because I casually watch them on TV but most of them are […]