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  • Places in Morningside Heights You Need To Explore

    Places in Morningside Heights You Need To Explore | Located on the Upper West Side, many people refer to Morningside Heights as the “Greater Harlem.” Some people also refer to it as “SoHa,” which stands for South of Harlem, all these are its present names. In the 17th century, it was known as “Vandewater’s Heights.” […]

  • American Ghost Town

    American Ghost Town – Founded in 1876, Bodie is the authentic American ghost town. It started life as a small mining settlement, though found even more fortune from nearby mines that attracted thousands. By 1880 Bodie boasted a population of almost 10,000 – such was the boom. At its peak, 65 saloons lined the town’s […]

  • Morning Glory Pool

    Morning Glory Pool | The original name of the Morning Glory Pool was Convolutus. It was given that title in 1883 by the wife of an assistant park superintendent, after the Latin word for the morning glory flower, which the pool’s blue color resembles. Recently, however, the pool has started to go by another name […]

  • Ways To Save Money While Travelling Around the United States of America

    America is a fantastic place to visit for any holiday and with a vast range of states and cities to visit you’ll easily find more than enough attractions to explore. However, it can often be quite expensive if you’re unprepared, with many tourist traps charging holidaymakers a fortune to enjoy them. Travelling around the US […]

  • The Beautiful Sceneries of Costa Rica

    If you are looking for an ideal vacationing site along the Atlantic coast, then Costa Rica might just be the place for you. There are a number of tourist attraction sites that will appeal to you. Costa Rica is on the northern side of the Caribbean. It is one of the places that are close […]