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  • A Town Named La Rochelle

    A Town Named La Rochelle – La Rochelle is a city in South-West France on the Bay of Biscay, a part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is an unspoilt and historic seaside town and it is also a good base to use for visits to the Bordeaux wine country or to Cognac. La Rochelle’s weather […]

  • Top 5 Thailand’s History Place

    Top 5 Thailand’s History Place | Thailand is filled with well-preserved ruins from past centuries. These five places are the country’s top destinations if you’re interested in delving into Thailand’s history.

  • Dubai – Tallest Or Maybe The Most Expensive Building In World

    Dubai – Tallest Or Maybe The Most Expensive Building In World | Dubai is the proud owner of the tallest building ever built. Burj Dubai measures 828 meters, estimated at a cost of 1.5 thousand million dollars. It’s the new symbol of the country and it is eight and a half times taller than the […]

  • Top 5 Horrific Prisons In The World

    Top 5 Horrific Prisons In The World | The prison system is for sure one of the most dreaded places anyone would like to be. In spite of that people are strangely attracted to it as a tourist attraction.

  • 10 Most Amazing Tomb In World

    10 Most Amazing Tomb In World | Death has always presented a certain fascination over the human mind and its importance was celebrated by creating amazing burial places for those that passed away. They need to remember them has led to impressive buildings, architectural masterpieces and works of art which withstood the course of history […]

  • Great Taj Mahal Could Collapse Within 5 Years

    AGRA, Oct 5: The Taj Mahal in South Asia will collapse within five years unless urgent action is taken to shore up its foundations, campaigners warn. The 358-year-old marble mausoleum is India’s most famous tourist attraction, bringing four million visitors a year to the northern city of Agra.

  • Hidden Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan

    Built back in 1190s by the once great Ghorid empire, this enigmatic and intricately-ornamented ancient “skyscraper” architecture stands like a missile pointing at the stars – a 65-meter high minaret, the second biggest religious monument of its kind in the world. Originally it was topped by the lantern – making it a sort of the […]

  • Safest House in the World

    The Safe House, designed by Robert Konieczny from KWK Promes in Poland, is made to be the world’s most secure home. With moveable concrete walls that seal shut, making The Safe House impregnable, it’s little mystery where people is going to run when the zombie apocalypse happens. The 6100 sq. ft Safe House is encapsulated […]

  • Amazing Eco-Design of Namba Park in Osaka

    Namba Parks is an office and shopping complex located in the Namba district, Osaka, Japan. It consists of a high office building called Parks Tower and a 120-tenant shopping mall with rooftop garden. Some history on Namba Parks in Japan: Namba Parks was developed by Jon Jerde of The Jerde Partnership in the footprint of […]

  • Trinity Church – The Southernmost Gate to Heaven

    Trinity Church is a small Russian Orthodox church on King George Island near Russian Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica. It is the southernmost Eastern Orthodox church in the world and also is the evidence of great human architecture at the south pole. Built in 1990s, the church is a 15m-high wooden structure built in traditional Russian […]