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  • Aligator Playground

    Aligator Playground – Crocheted Aligator Playground, in São Paulo by Olek or “Crocheted Jacaré“ is the latest work from Brooklyn-based artist. She traveled to Brasil for the 2012 SESC Arts Show in order to encase a massive playground shaped like an alligator in her trademark crochet covering. With the help of several colleagues Olek covered […]

  • Amazing Street Arts – PART 2

    Amazing Street Arts – PART 2 – Typically, the term street art or the more specific post-graffiti is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti, vandalism, and corporate art. Artists have challenged art by situating it in non-art contexts. ‘Street’ artists do not aspire to change the definition of an artwork, but rather […]

  • Cancun Underwater Museum

    Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico – Submerge yourself in one of the most beautiful and clear waters of the world, The Mexican Caribbean. Cancun Underwater Museum is located underwater off the coast of Isla de Mujeres and Cancun, Mexico. It is an underwater museum with a series of sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor. The project […]

  • Hidden Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan

    Built back in 1190s by the once great Ghorid empire, this enigmatic and intricately-ornamented ancient “skyscraper” architecture stands like a missile pointing at the stars – a 65-meter high minaret, the second biggest religious monument of its kind in the world. Originally it was topped by the lantern – making it a sort of the […]

  • Weird Statue at Kobe Station

    Japan is popular with its weirdness culture and arts. One of them is a weird statue that resembles a human butt, only if you look at it closely. Located right beside Sannomiya train station in the heart of Kobe, the butt statue is a popular meeting place for Kobe kids, or place to hang out […]

  • Trinity Church – The Southernmost Gate to Heaven

    Trinity Church is a small Russian Orthodox church on King George Island near Russian Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica. It is the southernmost Eastern Orthodox church in the world and also is the evidence of great human architecture at the south pole. Built in 1990s, the church is a 15m-high wooden structure built in traditional Russian […]

  • Salon of Best Wigs for Style

    You are dressed in a black dress and high heels. You have worn apt accessories and classy make-up. You evening bag is perfect but somehow the look is not complete because of your gruff hair. This makes you look gawky and awkward. Well, now you can transform your hair by adorning one of the most […]

  • Kid’s Drawings Turned Into Photographs

    Photography is not solely known for its creative element, but also acclaimed for its trait of being an attractive and enjoyable field. Undoubtedly, when we talk about the photography world, there are lots of fun facts to be heard like photoshop and so on. While some stories are heard more often, some still remain unknown […]

  • Halloween Photos Around the World

    Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31 annually. Today the Halloween regards as a secular celebration even though it has actually roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. Most common Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes, attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted […]

  • Past and Present Music Graphic Designs

    Music changes as time passes by. Despite the wide variety of different music genres, adults would have probably noticed the changes in music styles from the past to the present. Some adults enjoy music from the past, which what they listened to when they were younger and are not very interested in modern songs. They […]