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  • Five Amazing Caves to Explore in Brazil

    Guest post contributed by Lela Lake for Travel PR company, WildCard. Undoubtedly, there are many fascinating things to do on the surface in Brazil, but for a truly unique experience, consider exploring some of the stunning caves that permeate the region. Many of these caves have great historical significance and have been used for centuries […]

  • Magnificent Giant Crystal Cave at Naica

    At the first glance, the Giant Crystal Cave looks like Superman’s fortress at the North Pole. The amazing place, located at Naica Mexico, has crystals up to 12 meter long and weighing about 55 tons. Buried and hidden deep beneath the surface of the Earth, the Giant Crystal Cave is one of the greatest natural […]

  • Amazing Blue Grotto Cave of Capri

    In 1826, a German writer named August Kopisch was the first to write about the beauty of the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) cave on the coast of the Island of Capri. The blue reflection is caused by sunlight that passes through a cavity underwater and shines through the seawater. The magnificent natural cave formations and […]

  • Magnificent Marble Caves of Rio Tranquilo

    The Marble Caves of Puerto Rio Tranquilo are some of the most remarkable attractions of Patagonia. This magnificent nature place is located in the Region of Aisen in Chile. Las Cavernas de Marmol, as the Spanish call them were created by the clear waters of Rio Tranquilo that dug into a giant limestone peninsula, creating […]