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  • 10 Weird Places Around the World

    10 Weird Places Around the World | The Earth is a miracle. Places that were hidden have been finding their way into the eyes of the world. Traveling isn’t always a possibility for everyone, thus the internet gives a picture view into the places we can’t physically visit, and opens up our very own eyes […]

  • Top 5 Most Visit Beaches in Asia

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of summer holidays? Well, you would certainly think of taking of your clothes and heading to some beach where you can relax, tan your body and enjoy surfing or any other water activities to beat the heat. Beaches are the most popular […]

  • Rice-Terraces of Youanyang County in Yunnan, China

    The modern way of life caused that many of those people who are living in urban areas forget how it is good and how it is nice to live in and with nature. The modern way of life has made a “living machines” from the most of us who live in big cities and if […]

  • Travel from Japan to China using Google Map

    Do you know how to go from Japan to China? Try using Google Map and I assure you, you will find a shocking result. Follow these simple step by step instructions to find out:

  • Amazing Japan’s Moon Bridge (PIC)

    A moon bridge is usually a highly arched pedestrian bridge, which in its wooden form may require the walker to initially climb and also when descending. This moon bridge type is associated with gardens in China and Japan, and is called a drum bridge in Japan. This type of moon bridge was originally designed as […]

  • 29 Reasons Why You Should Visit China

    China is the largest country in the world. Oh wait! Maybe Russia is the biggest but who cares. China has the largest population in the world, which is equivalent to more than triple number of U.S. population. It is true! Don’t get angry with me. Thus, do you have any intention to visit the country? […]

  • Dai Temple – A Man-Made Sacred Wonder

    For those whose feet do not ache after ascending Mount Taishan, the Dai Temple in downtown Tai’an is a leisurely stroll. This is where some of the emperors stayed before or after their ascension. But “Qianlong slept here” does not begin to explain the temple’s status. The old cypresses and tortoise-supported steles are better testament […]

  • Liu Bolin the Invisible Man Arts

    Chinese must be proud to have a great artist on their vast land. The genius artist is called Liu Bolin who is 35-year-old and from Shandong, China. He has a talent to camouflage himself in any surroundings, no matter how difficult they might be. Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours […]

  • WTF? Nanpu Bridge Interchange in Shanghai China

    This is very great photo of amazing road design architecture that can be found in China. The interchange is called Nanpu Bridge or locally called Shanghai Metro Line. This is really a great place to visit. Resource

  • Stunning Chinese Fisherman Photos

    The live of Chinese fishermen is so poor that they have to go out to sea everyday to catch fish to sell although there is an incoming thunderstorm on the way. The choppy waters and heavy rain made it very difficult to fish. The fishermen’s little boat swayed vigorously from side to side. As they […]