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  • Foreign McDonald’s Menu – PART 2

    Foreign McDonald’s Menu – PART 2 – This is the second part of this post. To read part 1, click on the link below this post. This McDonald’s menu came from around the world and only offered in that country.

  • Inflight Meal Tips

    Inflight Meal Tips – If you are taking a flight to go travel, meal time on board is one of the moment you must be waiting for! Some inflight meal are very delicious but most of all, they are cooked with full supervision of hygiene and strict production process flow. So now you are being […]

  • Top 5 Malaysian Cuisine

    Top 5 Malaysia Cuisine – As the world knows, Malaysia is a country with variety of races and ethnics. Malaysian consists of 3 major ethnic groups with Malays the majority and followed by Chinese and Indian community. With this multi-ethnic, multi-culture and multi-lingual society, it is not a surprise that they have vast varieties of local […]