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  • 10 Most Amazing Tomb In World

    10 Most Amazing Tomb In World | Death has always presented a certain fascination over the human mind and its importance was celebrated by creating amazing burial places for those that passed away. They need to remember them has led to impressive buildings, architectural masterpieces and works of art which withstood the course of history […]

  • The Happy Cemetery: Unusually Colorful and Entertaining Headstones and Epitaphs

    Cemeteries used to be the sad places which are revealing some sad memories about those who aren’t amongst us anymore. However, there is one cemetery which seems to be much more different than others. It is called the Merry Cemetery but it is also known by the name “Happy Cemetery”. This interesting place is located in […]

  • Deadly Inferno Fire Hits Israel [Photos]

    A massive fire is raging in northern Israel for a second day, with firefighters admitting that so far they have failed to contain the blaze. Every available firemen in the country has been called up to tackle the forest fire near the city of Haifa. Specially equipped firefighting aircraft from Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the […]