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  • Foreign McDonald’s Menu – PART 2

    Foreign McDonald’s Menu – PART 2 – This is the second part of this post. To read part 1, click on the link below this post. This McDonald’s menu came from around the world and only offered in that country.

  • Foreign McDonald’s Menu – PART 1

    Foreign McDonald’s Menu – PART 1 – No matter where you go, you can always find a piece of familiar Americana there to serve your senses from all the foreign delivery going on around you. Nowhere has it ever been more evident than with fast food joints. Today McDonald’s restaurants can be found in the […]

  • Inflight Meal Tips

    Inflight Meal Tips – If you are taking a flight to go travel, meal time on board is one of the moment you must be waiting for! Some inflight meal are very delicious but most of all, they are cooked with full supervision of hygiene and strict production process flow. So now you are being […]

  • Unique Restaurant Around The World – PART 2

    Unique Restaurant Around The World – PART 2 – This is the continued post from Part 1. You can read it by clicking the link at the end of this post. This unique restaurant is located around the world and sure will somehow invite people to go and try to dine at the restaurant because […]

  • Unique Restaurant Around The World – PART 1

    Unique Restaurant Around the World PART 1 - A restaurant is a construction in which they are served food and drinks to be consumed in the room. The term covers a wide range of businesses and various types of cuisine. Sometimes restaurants are part of a larger complex, typically a hotel, in which case the rooms […]

  • Top Food Tours to Enjoy In US

    Napa Valley: Gourmet Napa Walking Tour This is a 3 hour walking tour that has 8 stops. During the walk you will have the chance to meet local people, organic farmers, winemakers and so on, and in the end your bag will be filled with local recipes.

  • Top 4 Online Universities in Hotel and Restaurant Management

    Hospitable industry is one of the flourishing industries all over the world. The main focus of the industry is to provide services to the prospective customers. Getting a degree in hospitable management would be a rewarding degree that shall allow you reap significant results. The job prospects in the industry are great, and you have […]