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  • Beutiful Istanbul

    Beautiful Istanbul – This ancient city once known as Constantinople is a very interesting city and a popular travel destination. It’s home to some of the most beautiful historical sites in the world and you’ll find as much heritage as you can handle. Here are lists of beautiful attractions you can find in Istanbul.

  • Family Friendly Holiday Destinations in the Algarve

    Family Friendly Holiday Destinations in the Algarve | The Algarve continues to be one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe. It’s also blessed with many hours of sunshine, a warm but not oppressive climate, outstanding sandy beaches that stretch for miles and miles and enough off-beach entertainment to keep even the most restless children […]

  • Santorini: An Island Break with a Difference

    Santorini: An Island Break with a Difference | This year, holiday makers with a political conscience are choosing to go to Greece. Not only is tourism one of the major components of the Greek economy, it stands to lose out to some of the bad press that Greece has been suffering throughout the eurozone over […]

  • Gardens of Marqueyssac

    Gardens of Marqueyssac – The Marqueyssac gardens is located in France. The charm of the terrace gardens has delighted its visitors for the last three centuries and Marqueyssac has become one of France’s most beautiful Italian-style gardens. The gardens of Marqueyssac castle consist of over six kilometres of shaded alleys, edged by 150,000 hand-pruned, one […]

  • Top 5 Magnificent Places In England

    Top 5 Magnificent Places In England | England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom (UK). It shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west; the Irish Sea is to the north west, the Celtic Sea to the south west, while the North Sea to the east […]

  • Keukenhof – Garden of Europe

    Keukenhof – Garden of Europe | Keukenhof, which is also known as the Garden of Europe, is the world’s largest flower garden. Keukenhof is located in South Holland which is in the small town of Lisse, south of Haarlem and southwest of Amsterdam. It is accessible from Haarlem, Leiden and Schiphol. Approximately 7,000,000 (seven million) […]

  • Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe

    Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe | Are you tired of the same standard of hostel accommodation? Looking for a bit of history from your hostel? From palaces to converted castles, we explore some of Europe’s most historic lodgings for some unique and unusual ideas on where to stay.

  • Explore Britain by 8 Tastes

    Explore Britain by 8 Tastes | Do you long for a truly local taste when exploring new food? From Cornish pasties to the Bakewell pudding, Britain’s towns and counties offer a rich and diverse heritage of distinctive cuisines. Join us on a culinary journey through the British Isles as we uncover the riveting roots of […]

  • Book a Hotel Near Liverpool St Station

    Book a Hotel Near Liverpool St Station | Finding the right hotel for you near London’s bustling Liverpool St Station is actually a relatively simple task. The station itself is on Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street in the northern area of central London, in essence the heart of the city. Liverpool Street itself is lined with […]

  • Top 10 Best Views in Britain

    Top 10 Best Views in Britain | With its rolling hills, lush countryside and stunning cities, Britain has lots of great spots for enjoying dramatic and heat-stirring views. Feast your eyes on some of Britain’s most spectacular scenery as we explore some of the country’s greatest panoramas.