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  • Top 5 Best Car Rentals In Europe

    Europe is an exciting continent where many countries sit side by side, allowing travellers to experience diverse cultures and customs in just a few days. One of the best way to explore Europe and to get the most out of a trip is to take a road trip, taking in a number of nations in […]

  • Glorious Menorca Holidays

    Menorca is situated off the east coast of Spain, and lies in the Balearic Sea, with Italy to the east and Algeria to the south. One of the Balearic Islands, along with Ibiza, Majorca and Formentera, Menorca is popular for its climate, culture and cuisine.

  • Excellent Villa Holidays in Spain

    Travelling is a passion and that is why numerous people from all over the world are fond of travelling all over the world. The travelling destinations are scattered all over the world. Due to this people take on longer journeys throughout the world to visit the enchanting destinations and to enjoy the pleasant villa holidays […]

  • Best Ways To Get To Europe

    Europe is a fantastic destination if you’re planning a holiday. With many iconic cities to explore and a collection of famed nations close to each other, you can easily incorporate several places into one getaway if you so choose. And with travelling to and within Europe very easy and often cheap, you’ll be able to […]

  • Funny Tourists as Seen by Local

    This photo was taken on July 7, 2011 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Germany DE, by using a Sony DSLR-A100. What are they actually looking at? Can you guess? Credit to Evan Hadfield for this cool photo.

  • Top 5 Natural Attractions in Majorca

    Majorca is set in fantastic landscape just off the coast of eastern Spain, and is one of Europe’s most visited regions for tourists. However the Balearic Island is often regarded as an Island full of cheap attractions and cheap hotels by many. Although the Island looks to accommodate its fair share of tourists, it’s not […]

  • The Happy Cemetery: Unusually Colorful and Entertaining Headstones and Epitaphs

    Cemeteries used to be the sad places which are revealing some sad memories about those who aren’t amongst us anymore. However, there is one cemetery which seems to be much more different than others. It is called the Merry Cemetery but it is also known by the name “Happy Cemetery”. This interesting place is located in […]

  • Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland’s Most Visited Touristic Location

    Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice. The mix between cold climate and numerous hot springs and geyseers made Iceland one of the world’s most exotic locations. Geothermal spas are very popular in Iceland and there are plenty of them which are welcoming tourists, however, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is the […]

  • Top Summer Hostels to Enjoy Europe’s Hottest Destinations

    What’s top of your summer holiday list? Somewhere with a pool? Somewhere close to the beach? Or somewhere with sea view where you can enjoy a drink at sunset? Well, if you want all this without leaving a hole in your pocket, take a look at some of these places which promise budget fun in […]

  • The Merits of French Learning

    France is among the most famous tourist destinations and its local delicacies are equally popular. French people give a lot of importance to their language and want the visitors to be familiar with it so that they can better appreciate France. Out of the many tourist spots, Lyon which is at the heart of the […]