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  • Capsule Hotel ?

    Capsule Hotel ? | Have you guys watch dragon ball? im sure most of u watch or read manga rite.. In certain scene, Bulma use capsule to get anything she want. But now Japan has build a capsule hotel.

  • Car Themed Hotel

    Car Themed Hotel -The V8 Hotel, named after the famous eight cylinder engine is located in the centre of Stuttgart’s Meilenwerk – a German international hub for car dealers.

  • Boutique Hotels

    Boutique Hotels – With the thought of coming up with luxury boutique hotels, travelers today are no longer limited to the cheap motels or big, branded hotels. This boutique hotels offer a different hotel experience, as intimate as giving you a feeling of a home away from home, really comfortable, or eccentric in best of […]

  • Top 5 Amazing Honeymoon In World

    Top 5 Amazing Honeymoon In World | Celebrate your marriage (and the fact that you made it through all the planning, services, and parties!) in style at any of our dream honeymoon destinations. Newlyweds deserve a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and a trip to any of the honeymoon resorts on our list will prove unforgettable. (In fact, […]

  • Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe

    Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe | Are you tired of the same standard of hostel accommodation? Looking for a bit of history from your hostel? From palaces to converted castles, we explore some of Europe’s most historic lodgings for some unique and unusual ideas on where to stay.

  • Book a Hotel Near Liverpool St Station

    Book a Hotel Near Liverpool St Station | Finding the right hotel for you near London’s bustling Liverpool St Station is actually a relatively simple task. The station itself is on Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street in the northern area of central London, in essence the heart of the city. Liverpool Street itself is lined with […]

  • Eh’haeusl – World Smallest Hotel in Germany

    This narrow building boasts the smallest hotel in the world. The miniature 2.5m-wide guesthouse spans over a meagre 53 sq/m and can only cater for one couple at time. The five-star Eh’haeusl, in Amberg, Germany, stretches over seven narrow floors but boasts all the mod cons from flat screen televisions to a mini spa.

  • Hotel Room Safe Box – Is it Really Trustworthy and Secure?

    I believe many of you have traveled a lot whether locally or internationally. During those times, I bet you must have seen a hotel room with room safe box or room security box. Have you ever used that kind of thing to secure your expensive belongings? I don’t and I hope you do not too […]

  • Hilton de Pattaya, Unique and Luxury Hotel in the City of Pattaya, Thailand

    I saw a large number of most various hotels but this one is really special and has something what makes him different from others. Usually, hotels are built near some attractive place where tourists come, with the purpose to serve the visitors, however this hotel is attraction itself.

  • Best Online-Deal Hotels in Phuket

    Phuket is simply a stunning island located in the south of the Thailand. It is one of the most popular beach destinations, which is known all over the world for its warm blue sea, stunning tropical sunsets and spectacular scenery. The fun island provides a perfect combination of white soft palm lined beaches, superb hospitality […]