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  • Top 5 Scary Haunted Hotels in the World

    Top 5 Scary Haunted Hotels in the World | 1. The Crescent Hotel, located in historic Eureka Springs Arkansas, prides itself in being called America’s “most haunted” hotel. While other hotels may lay claim to that title, I can’t argue with the moniker due to the personal experiences I had while staying there in its […]

  • Eight Authentic Winter-Holiday Accommodations

    Image Source This guest post was contributed by Peak Transfer Eight Authentic Winter-Holiday Accommodations | Most of us choose to go on holiday in the summer, to make the most of the sunshine and warmer weather – and, of course, to get a tan.

  • Tenerife Attractions: Why Go to Tenerife?

    Tenerife Attractions: Why Go to Tenerife? | For years, Europeans, typically the Brits and Germans, have flocked to Tenerife every year, buying up apartments, villas and timeshares and enjoying tanning themselves year round on the beaches. Apart from the great weather, since it is summer basically all year round in the Canary Islands, I’ve never […]

  • Colmar – Beautiful Town in France

    Colmar – Beautiful Town in France – If you miss the harmony of nature and historic building, visiting Colmar can be a great decision. Colmar is a city located in Alsace, northeastern France. It is famous with the beauty of vintage style between the modernity offered by today’s building. The old town probably is the […]

  • Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe

    Top Ten Historic Hostels in Europe | Are you tired of the same standard of hostel accommodation? Looking for a bit of history from your hostel? From palaces to converted castles, we explore some of Europe’s most historic lodgings for some unique and unusual ideas on where to stay.

  • Top 5 Best Hotels in Canada

    Top 5 Best Hotels in Canada | Whether you are seeking gourmet meals in restaurants run by internationally renowned chefs or wish to slip under fresh bedding made from Egyptian silk, you will find all this and more at Canada’s best hotels. The top 5 best hotels in Canada are:

  • Travelling Made Easy Through Hotels at Helloweekends.com

    Travelling Made Easy Through Hotels at Helloweekends.com | Travelling is the best way to relieve the mind and body of stress and tension. Although the idea of travelling is very captivating, the stay and budget at cheap hotels will always be a limiting factor to the enjoyment. Many people fail to find the right accommodation […]

  • Unusual and Odd Hotels to Bed Down @HostelBookers

    A treehouse? A castle? A cave? Now that’s an interesting way to spice up your holiday. Check out some of these unusual hotels around the world that are still well within budget for all sorts of travellers. Whether you want to treat your kids to an adventure or let you other half feel like a […]

  • Why You Should Visit Montreux Canton of Vaud in Switzerland

    Montreux is a municipality in the district of Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, Europe. It is located on Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps and has a population of 23,800 and nearly 90,000 in the agglomeration. Following is some of the reasons you need to visit Montruex Canton of Voud […]

  • Top 5 Popular Hotels in Europe

    Whenever you think about holidays you think about hotels that can take care of your accommodation and provide you with ultimate holiday experience. Well, some hotels talk a lot about their services but you can only find the truth when you stay there. However, some hotels in Europe are certainly keen on providing more than […]