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  • Abraham Hostel Jerusalem – Perfect for Backpackers

    Abraham hostel Jerusalem – Perfect for Backpackers | Why not plan a tour to Israel? I bet you will not regret whether it comes to traveling, the stay, advance booking, the comfort that you are looking for or even the hospitality offered. Abraham hostel has a tie up with Indie Travelers’ Center to offer complete statistics and information regarding traveling, […]

  • Dubai – Tallest Or Maybe The Most Expensive Building In World

    Dubai – Tallest Or Maybe The Most Expensive Building In World | Dubai is the proud owner of the tallest building ever built. Burj Dubai measures 828 meters, estimated at a cost of 1.5 thousand million dollars. It’s the new symbol of the country and it is eight and a half times taller than the […]

  • Dubai Gold Souk: The World’s Largest Gold Market

    When we talk about the Orient, we can’t forget to mention that the trade is one of the symbols of the Oriental culture. For westerners, the trade or shopping is more just a process of going to a market in nearby and buying things that they need and paying for them without negotiating the price, […]

  • Why You Should Visit Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh is a popular resort town as well as port in Sinai, Egypt. What was once a small fishing village of the Arab world has now turned into a highly sought after vacation destination and with good reason. Now it is possible to take direct charter flights to Sharm El Sheikh straight from […]

  • Best Spa and Wellness Centre in Dubai

    How do you choose a spa and wellness center? You have to look for what they offer, and whether the facilities are on par with the best. More importantly, many people also try and find out whether a particular spa is located within striking distance. It doesn’t make any sense to go all the way […]

  • Deadly Inferno Fire Hits Israel [Photos]

    A massive fire is raging in northern Israel for a second day, with firefighters admitting that so far they have failed to contain the blaze. Every available firemen in the country has been called up to tackle the forest fire near the city of Haifa. Specially equipped firefighting aircraft from Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the […]

  • Incredible Dusit Thani Hotel in Dubai

    Are you planning to visit Dubai in the near future? Dubai has grown quickly into one of the finest travel destinations in the world and with new hotels and architecture coming all over Dubai you cannot afford to miss out this beautiful place in the Middle East. As Dubai is quickly changing its image from […]

  • Miserable Life Inside Gaza City

    Have you ever wondered on how the life inside the land of war, Gaza City looks like? It seems like the war has made the people of the country appear to be some kind of similar lifestyle to those poor souls in India or Bangladesh. Or maybe worst. It is all started when the Israel […]

  • Qattara Depression – World’s Largest ‘Vanish’ Land

    Qattara Depression is located west of Cairo, Egypt. The place is the largest ‘vanish’ land in the world that left a large basin with a length of 175 miles (280km) and a width of 90 miles (140km). Since the size is very surprisingly massive, the location is very difficult to find and identify.