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  • Beautiful Pictures of Kravica Waterfalls in Bosnia

    Beautiful Pictures of Kravica in Bosnia | Kravica is a waterfall on the Trebizat River in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is 10km south of Ljubuski and 40 kilometers south of Mostar. Its height is between 25 metres and the radius of the lake in the base of the waterfall is 120 metres. Kravice is a […]

  • Australian Wonders: The Great Barrier Reef

    Australian Wonders: The Great Barrier Reef | There are a number of terms that apply to the Great Barrier Reef: the world’s largest coral reef system, UNESCO’s most visited natural landmark, and Australia’s greatest natural attraction. Comprising of nearly 3,000 individual reefs, and stretching for over 2,500km, the Great Barrier Reef is a giant among […]

  • Only in Japan!

    Only in Japan! – For those who love nature, and girls especially, this site is one of the place they must visit in Japan! Because of its surroundings colour! mostly pink and purple. I do not know the name of this place, so maybe readers out there who knew about this place have something to […]

  • Calling All Nature Lovers!

    Calling All Nature Lovers! – Are you a nature loving person with enthusiastic towards jungles, animals, waterfalls, rivers and all? Well here I found out about this places that are suitable for you to express your love towards the almighty nature creations on earth.

  • UFO Treehouse Hotel

    UFO Treehouse Hotel – Tucked away in a quiet forest near the Lule River in Harads, Sweden is Treehotel, a themed hotel park consisting of treehouses designed by some of Scandanavia’s leading architects that was just awarded the 2011 Swedish Grand Tourism Prize. There are currently 24 rooms planned. Some of them, including the Mirrorcube […]

  • Aligator Playground

    Aligator Playground – Crocheted Aligator Playground, in São Paulo by Olek or “Crocheted Jacaré“ is the latest work from Brooklyn-based artist. She traveled to Brasil for the 2012 SESC Arts Show in order to encase a massive playground shaped like an alligator in her trademark crochet covering. With the help of several colleagues Olek covered […]

  • Walk Above Clouds in Langkawi

    Walk Above Clouds in Langkawi – Feel the experience of cloud walking while taking a stroll at Langkawi Sky Bridge. Unbelievably, this suspended pedestrian bridge has taken the world by storm. People are excited over this unique curved pedestrian bridge everyday. Suspended at 700 meters above the sea level, this spectacular sky bridge not only […]

  • Rice Terraces of Yuanyang

    Rice Terraces of Yuanyang – South West China’s Yuanyang is a province abundant in natural beauty and ecstatic scenery. It has earned great name in the list of scenic wonders due to its spectacular rice terraces. Dropping from near the summits of the 250-meter Ailao mountain range to the deep cleft of the Red river, […]

  • Fire Rainbow

    Fire Rainbow | When you think you understand the beauty in nature, especially in the magical awe that a rainbow can inspire, then something will appear that still manages to both surprise and delight you in equal measure.

  • Biggest Hole on Earth

    Biggest Hole on Earth- Here we have 10 most spectacular natural and man-made holes in the face of the earth. Some of these are the result of man’s search for mineral wealth, while some are nature’s work creating some astounding holes.

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