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  • The World in Malaysia

    The World in Malaysia – I found out this photo being spread in Facebook and I found it very interesting. You have probably heard “Malaysia Truly Asia“. Malaysia indeed is truly Asia but now, what can I say. You can found all these attraction similar to other countries all in Malaysia. Malaysia not only offers […]

  • Skylines of The World – PART 1

    Skylines of The World – PART 1 – A skyline is the overall or partial view of a city’s buildings and structures against the sky. It can also be described as the artificial horizon that a city’s overall structure creates. Skylines serve as a kind of fingerprint of a city, as no two skylines are […]

  • Tilt-Shift Photography Around The World – PART 3

    Tilt-Shift Photography Around The World – PART 3 – Here is the third part of the post for this photography with tilt-shift effect applied. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures!

  • Tilt-Shift Photography From Around The World – PART 2

    Tilt-Shift Photography From Around The World – PART 2 – Tilt-shift photography, or more specifically tilt-shift effect photography has become increasingly popular. The selective focus is angled to give the impression of a miniature scene and the results can sometimes be incredible. Here are more pictures from around the world.

  • Tilt-Shift Photographs From Around The World – PART 1

    Tilt-Shift Photographs From Around The World Part 1– For those who doesnt know what tilt shift photograph is, it is one type of picture which are taken with main object of the image is focused and the rest are blurred to give it an effect which looks like all the objects in the picture are […]

  • Incoming Storm Clouds Over The USA

    “The incoming storm clouds over the United States” is truly a great shot. Where was this taken? I see the dirt road, what looks like might be a hay field, and thus have narrowed it down to anywhere between Kansas and Ohio, South Dakota and Texas. Or, it could even be from not a stereotypical […]

  • Fly Geyser, Amazing And Yet Undiscovered Natural Phenomena in Nevada

    While watching the following photos attached to this post you might get a feel that you are watching some fake Photoshopped photos but you can be sure that this place is very real, despite it looks opposite.

  • Exploring Jewels of Seville in Spain

    The notable city in Europe, Seville or Sevilla is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain. It is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia and of the province of Seville. It is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir, with an average elevation of 7 meters above sea level. The […]

  • The Ruins of Dunnottar Castle in Scotland

    Dunnottar Castle is a ruined medieval fortress located upon a rocky headland on the north-east coast of Scotland, about 3 km south of Stonehaven. The surviving buildings are largely of the 15th–16th centuries, but the site is believed to have been an early fortress of the Dark Ages. Dunnottar played a strategic role in the […]

  • Why Malaysia is Truly Asia

    Which are the places you had visited in Asia? Now, don’t say that you had visited each and every country in Asia. Asia is a large continent, and in fact, it is the largest continent in the whole Universe. You may not find it easy to visit each and every nation of Asia, but still, […]

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