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  • Top 5 Wonders of Russia

    Top 5 Wonders of Russia | To the rest of the world, Russia has often been cloaked in mystery, with political affairs clouding our sense of what this sprawling nation in northern Eurasia is really like.

  • 5 Spectacular Fountains Around World

    5 Spectacular Fountains Around World | The one thing that is guaranteed to get the attention of an onlooker is a water feature. There is something very soothing and magical about the sight and sound of running water, even more so when it is enclosed in a spectacular setting.

  • Beautiful Mosque Around The World – PART 2

    Beautiful Mosque Around The World – PART 2 – Here am I again, updating to you the beautiful mosque that I found out the pictures on the net. These list are collected from mosque around the world and of course they are very sacred especially to muslims. Mosque is where the muslims perform their prayer […]

  • Trinity Church – The Southernmost Gate to Heaven

    Trinity Church is a small Russian Orthodox church on King George Island near Russian Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica. It is the southernmost Eastern Orthodox church in the world and also is the evidence of great human architecture at the south pole. Built in 1990s, the church is a 15m-high wooden structure built in traditional Russian […]

  • Russia Hell Smog Causation (PIC)

    Scorching heat and acrid smoke have nearly doubled death rates in Moscow. Where does the smoke come from? It is actually coming from the raging fire from the forest nearby. Firefighters battled wildfires covering 1,740 square km (1,075 sq miles) in what the state weather forecaster said was Russia’s worst heat wave for a millennium. […]

  • STOP the Killing of Mustangs!

    Janna Bullock and Alexei Kuznetsov, notoriously-famed in Russia, are once again in the focus of a sensation, this time on the Internet. According to the information that leaked into the web, the Russian tycoons are involved in mass extermination of American bisons for resale and subsequent production of leather works. This is apparently related to […]

  • Roman Abramovich’s Megayachts Pictures

    In 2009, Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich is listed as the 51st richest man in the world with a net worth US8.5 billion, according to the Forbes magazine. This billionaire fella is from Russia and very well known to the world as the owner of Chelsea Football Club. In the recent years, he has become the world’s […]

  • Siege of Leningrad Blockade Now and Then Photos

    History has told us all but frequently we forget about the hardship experienced by generations past, especially during certain wars. However, some people have a very creative and profound way of reflecting on times gone by, presenting their take on the world in a new light. Hopefully our children and future generation will still remember […]