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  • UFO Treehouse Hotel

    UFO Treehouse Hotel – Tucked away in a quiet forest near the Lule River in Harads, Sweden is Treehotel, a themed hotel park consisting of treehouses designed by some of Scandanavia’s leading architects that was just awarded the 2011 Swedish Grand Tourism Prize. There are currently 24 rooms planned. Some of them, including the Mirrorcube […]

  • Underground Hotel

    Underground Hotel | While staying above ground has its perks, it’s always fun to try something a little out of the ordinary. On your next trip, why not try staying in one of these unique hotels located underground?

  • Top 5 Most Fantasy Ice Hotel In World

    Top 5 Most Fantasy Ice Hotel In World | Ice is fascinating especially when it becomes a mirror of beauty. Ice sculptures have been around for centuries and people saw that bedazzling the festive tables or decorating the winter gardens of the Europe Royal Houses.The new trend of creating hotels out of solid ice was […]