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  • Best Places to Live on Earth: The Results

    Best Places to Live on Earth: The Results | After reading an article in the Guardian recently about the top five places on earth to live, I was a left a little confused. In a world with over 7 billion people and over 200 countries, what does a town or city have to do to […]

  • Best Sydney Travel Apps for Android

    Sydney is the most famous city in Australia and is definitely a must-visit. With its stunning harbor, beautiful beaches, world-famous opera house and pulsing nightlife, Sydney is a city that is not to be missed.  Just like every other big city, Sydney can be challenging for a tourist. But Android users are in luck, as […]

  • Top 5 Paradise Island Holidays

    In the hectic life of today the best place to go for a holiday is an island as these are serene and calm and offer complete relaxation. These islands are absolute paradise and have a lot to offer to the tourists to ensure that they have a good holiday. There are many destinations to choose […]

  • Seven Healthiest Cities In The World

    Many cities around the world are great places to live because of availability of recreation and high life expectancy rates. Countries that have high physician-patient ratios tend to be healthier than those with fewer physicians. Low infant mortality rates and rates of disease are important to the health of a city, but there are many […]

  • Top 7 Places to Spend New Year’s Eve

    If you’re like me, and completely tired of boring NYE events, consider traveling somewhere that promises an incredible night to remember. Here is a list of seven most unique, exciting places around the globe to see the year out – there’s no excuse to have a bad time!

  • A Fearless Man Defying Mother Nature

    We’ve all splashed water over our face in a bid to wake up in the morning. But one Australian man has taken it to the extreme, as highlighted in Dailymail UK. Taken place at Australia Bondi’s Beach and standing perilously close to the edge of a rock face, the fearless individual stood head-on with Mother […]

  • New Year 2009 Eve Pictures at Sydney, Australia

    Happy new year, everyone! I always love a brand new year. Some people hate the idea of a new year, because they don’t like time passing so quickly, or because they find the new year to be daunting. I love a new year, because I feel like there are so many new opportunities and good […]

  • Mawi AF3 Travel at Sydney Australia

    Now, Malaysia has been “attacked” with golden news of Mawi-Ekin wedding, which will be celebrated at the end of the year. Well most people regards this event as the wedding of 2008. At the same time, Mawi is still busy with his travel show around the world. Below is the video stream during his travel […]

  • Places of Interest in Sydney

    Have you ever visiting Australia ? Well i guess you should go and see for yourself. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, action, relaxation or want to discover Australia’s hidden treasures, Sydney has it all… Today I will tell you a bit on a few places of interest, attractions and event that happened around Sydney. Sydney […]