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  • 5 Mathematical Buildings In World

    5 Mathematical Buildings In World | You may have come across some spectacular buildings, but have you ever stopped to wonder why they’re built that way? Math and architecture cant be separated , Its need calculation to build spectacular building, Miscalculation will lead disaster and wasteful.

  • 10 Most Amazing Tomb In World

    10 Most Amazing Tomb In World | Death has always presented a certain fascination over the human mind and its importance was celebrated by creating amazing burial places for those that passed away. They need to remember them has led to impressive buildings, architectural masterpieces and works of art which withstood the course of history […]

  • Great Taj Mahal Could Collapse Within 5 Years

    AGRA, Oct 5: The Taj Mahal in South Asia will collapse within five years unless urgent action is taken to shore up its foundations, campaigners warn. The 358-year-old marble mausoleum is India’s most famous tourist attraction, bringing four million visitors a year to the northern city of Agra.

  • Highlight on Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai India

    Recently world has been shocked with terrorist attack at Mumbai, India which killed almost 130 persons and injured many of others. Where the heck is actually Taj Mahal Hotel? Is it near the greatest Taj Mahal Wonder of the World? Nope. Actually, the Taj Mahal Palace is a prestigious hotel located in the Colaba region […]