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  • 5 Extreme Sports Must Try When Vacation

    5 Extreme Sports Must Try When Vacation | Are you bored vacation that just got activity such a visiting,relaxing and shopping?. You can add more exciting to the extreme. There are lots of extreme sport you can try. Feel the fear and adrenaline through your blood and nerve. Its challenged your mental and physical that […]

  • Relaxing Rooftop Gardens

    Relaxing Rooftop Gardens | Hidden from the street, high above the heads of pedestrians, are lush green getaways filled with flowers, shaded nooks, fountains, flowing streams and even flamingos. Rooftop gardens offer an unexpected retreat in even the busiest of big cities like New York, Hong Kong and London. These 5 urban rooftop gardens range […]

  • Green Innovation In China

    Green Innovation In China | The notorious smog of Beijing and other pollution problems tend to obscure outsiders’ vision of China as a modern nation, but the fact is, China is home to some of the world’s greenest and most intelligently innovative architecture. Implementing technologies that have yet to be used on a similar scale in […]

  • Wonders of Australia

    Wonders of Australia | It’s nearly impossible to narrow down this continent’s most beautiful, inspiring and astonishing natural sights, from the colorfully chaotic explosion of life in the Great Barrier Reef to the dramatic rippling red dunes of the Simpson desert. This sampling of Australia’s top natural attractions will have you daydreaming about a trip Down […]

  • Visiting Top 5 Lost Cities of the World

    Visiting Top 5 Lost Cities of the World – Unraveling ancient mysteries, exploring lost cities and walking in the footsteps of the long departed might be more up your alley. You might think that “lost” cities would be impossible to visit – after all, why would they be called lost cities if you could find […]

  • Top 5 Wonders of Russia

    Top 5 Wonders of Russia | To the rest of the world, Russia has often been cloaked in mystery, with political affairs clouding our sense of what this sprawling nation in northern Eurasia is really like.

  • Beauty Of Ancient Cities

    Beauty Of Ancient Cities | Children always think the town they grew up in has been there since the dawn of time, just like they think their parents are giants that will never die.

  • Underground Hotel

    Underground Hotel | While staying above ground has its perks, it’s always fun to try something a little out of the ordinary. On your next trip, why not try staying in one of these unique hotels located underground?

  • Top 5 Tallest Ferris Wheels in the World

    Top 5 Tallest Ferris Wheels in the World | “These wheels have almost replaced the skyscraper as icons,” says Dennis Speigel, president of the consulting firm International Theme Park Services. You’d expect him to say that, since his company is busy building tall, very tall Ferris wheels.

  • 5 Spectacular Fountains Around World

    5 Spectacular Fountains Around World | The one thing that is guaranteed to get the attention of an onlooker is a water feature. There is something very soothing and magical about the sight and sound of running water, even more so when it is enclosed in a spectacular setting.