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  • Top 5 Creepiest Castle in the World

    Top 5 Creepiest Castle in the World | Castles always capture our imaginations and have done since our childhood when they featured in fairytales and stories.

  • Skylines of The World – PART 2

    Skylines of The World – PART 2 – Here is the Part 2 of the post regarding the skylines of the world. You can read the Part 1 by clicking the link below this post. Enjoy the pictures!

  • 5 Coolest Aquariums In World

    5 Coolest Aquariums In World | Aquariums are fascinating places because they offer the visitors a glimpse into the watery world of marine life. Exotic fish, ferocious predators of the sea, big fish, little fish, no cardboard box, freaky fish, colourful fish, fish we didn’t even know existed all baffle and amaze us in their unique […]

  • Strange But True

    Strange But True | All around the world, there are strange events that happen every year, but these that follow are 5  ot the oddest annual festivals you might ever visit, and maybe worth aiming to see, one day.

  • 5 Strange But Worth?

    5 Strange But Worth? | As the head tell that, yes.Its really strange place but i think its worth to visits. Make this place at least one lifetime memento for your holiday. I’m assume you will like this place for those who like strange thing or place

  • 5 Safest Destinations To Travel

    5 Safest Destinations To Travel | For people who do not like traveling adventures and unpredictable situation, but rather for it to be organized in advance, maximum comfortable and safe we made ​​a list of 5 most suitable destinations.

  • 5 Bizarre Subcultures

    5 Bizarre Subcultures | Subcultures are made up of a group of people within a society who want to identify themselves with their own culture. Rather than conforming with society, people within subcultures wish to stand out from the crowd, often in the most extreme manner.

  • 5 Most Bizarre Bars In World

    5 Most Bizarre Bars In World | With most bars serving up the same dull fare, dance music thumping, televisions playing sports and the usual suspects of wine lists and draft beers being poured, there has to be more out there for a night of drinks. Well, there is

  • 5 Budget Safari Parent Know

    5 Budget Safari Parent Know | Though the idea of a safari in far away African lands may be exciting, the expense and logistics for families with children can be a major determent.Considering cross-continent fares to remote airports, guided tours and luxury game resorts the average cost a day per person can run into the […]

  • Weird Statue Around Us

    Weird Statue Around Us | From Lady Liberty and Honest Abe to Christ the Redeemer and David, statues from all around the world are revered for their beauty and symbolism. Yet these sculptures, featured 5 Weird Statues photo essay, are a little different. Some are fun, most are freaky, and all of them will definitely make […]