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  • A Beautiful Island Tour on Turquoise Waters

    A Beautiful Island Tour on Turquoise Waters | Relaxation on the turquoise waters of Turkey is only the beginning of the experience that can be had on the Aegean Sea. A popular trip that many visitors take when in the Fethiye region of Turkey is the Twelve Islands tour. While these tours are always popular […]

  • How to Buy Holiday Property in Turkey?

    How to Buy Holiday Property in Turkey? | Do you frequently travel to Turkey for holidays? Turkey remains one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia and therefore if you frequently visit this country it is a good idea to look out for property in Turkey for sale that can help you to get […]

  • NevÅŸehir, Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

    Turkey is one of the world’s most beautiful countries to which are belonging amazing and extraordinary beautiful places and beside this unique natural features which can be found there, Turkey is also full of different historical monuments since its territory was the place of many important events in past.

  • Top 10 Secret Attractions of Turkey

    Turkish History. The history of Turkey dates back to the settling on the Anatolian Peninsula, which most of the country is comprised of.  Early Neolithic settlements were evidenced by shards of pottery that has been excavated throughout the region.  The settlement of Troy began during this period and continued well into the Iron Age.  The […]