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  • Dubai Gold Souk: The World’s Largest Gold Market

    When we talk about the Orient, we can’t forget to mention that the trade is one of the symbols of the Oriental culture. For westerners, the trade or shopping is more just a process of going to a market in nearby and buying things that they need and paying for them without negotiating the price, […]

  • Best Spa and Wellness Centre in Dubai

    How do you choose a spa and wellness center? You have to look for what they offer, and whether the facilities are on par with the best. More importantly, many people also try and find out whether a particular spa is located within striking distance. It doesn’t make any sense to go all the way […]

  • Magnificent Beach Houses in Dubai Photos

    Magnificent Beach Houses in Dubai Photos | Dubai is one of the most lavish and fastest growing cities in the world. The reason being is because of their amazing architecture that you can find all over the city. Almost every week I am asked by a handful of people from different countries what they should […]

  • The Top 5 Dubai Places of Interests

    If like a last month, I posted about Top 5 Dubai Secrets, now I will post about another marvel of Dubai city. Dubai is undoubtedly one of history’s most rapidly developing urban centers in the world.  It boasts the world’s “largest”, “tallest”, and “most expensive” architectural works in the world.  The city of Dubai has transformed […]

  • No New Year’s 2009 Festivals at Dubai, UAE for Gaza

    Good resolution by Dubai authority. We will all should follow this decision since we are angered with things Israel did to people at Palestine. While we are celebrating, they are some portion of people are showering with blood and sadness. Where is the peace? They are all human like us. Anyway, here is the news. […]

  • Top 5 Dubai Secrets

    1. Dubai’s Very Best Hot Chocolate The hot chocolate at the Avalanche Cafe, Ski Dubai is suprisingly good. It’s one of the rare instances where whipped cream actually enhances the drink. Partly because it looks like snow, partly because it acts as a useful platform for the M&Ms. But for more interesting flavours, try the […]