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  • States of Malaysia – Melaka

    States of Malaysia – Melaka – Malacca (Malay: Melaka) (dubbed The Historic State or Negeri Bersejarah by locals) is the third smallest Malaysian state, after Perlis and Penang. It is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Straits of Malacca. It borders Negeri Sembilan to the north and Johor to […]

  • Top 5 Colorful Neighbourhood

    5 Colorful Destination – There are many different things that can make a destination colorful. As for this list, the destinations are colorful in terms of the buildings and other structures come in a kaleidoscope of shades and colors.

  • 10 Weird Places Around the World

    10 Weird Places Around the World | The Earth is a miracle. Places that were hidden have been finding their way into the eyes of the world. Traveling isn’t always a possibility for everyone, thus the internet gives a picture view into the places we can’t physically visit, and opens up our very own eyes […]

  • Unusual and Odd Hotels to Bed Down @HostelBookers

    A treehouse? A castle? A cave? Now that’s an interesting way to spice up your holiday. Check out some of these unusual hotels around the world that are still well within budget for all sorts of travellers. Whether you want to treat your kids to an adventure or let you other half feel like a […]

  • Madain Saleh: Monument of the Past [PICS]

    These photos are parts of 132 chambers and tombs left by Tsamudis and Nabateans during their magnificent architecture era which is between 200 B.C and 100 A.D. The location is about 200km from north of Medina City. In July 2008, UNESCO has proclaimed the site as World’s Heritage. Below are some of the amazing photos […]

  • Halong Bay the Descending Dragon Bay Magnificent Photos

    Apart from being UNESCO World Heritage site, Halong Bay or Vinh Ha Long in Vietnam is well known as one of the most beautiful natural attraction in the world. The descending dragon bay consists with thousands of isles and limestone karsts of different sizes and shapes, on which will definitely mesmerize anybody who watch them. […]