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  • Dangerous Beach

    Dangerous Beach | Having a beautiful beach with a blue water and fine sand is a nice one but its in most dangerous beach in world. Its name Maho’s beach in carribean,

  • 5 Most Exciting Games In Universal Singapore

    5 Most Exciting Games In Universal Singapore | When we talk about Universal Studio Singapore, i bet you will be thinking of their extreme games that would takes your fear and makes will shrinking your nerves. A trip to this place makes your trip to Singapore complete. It’s so much fun, you would never want to […]

  • Unique Of Egypt

    Unique Of Egypt | Egypt ( Republic Arab of Egypt ) located at north africa‘s continent is a country that has the largest population in Africa. There were 80 million people live with the most earlier history on other country. A country that is interesting to make a holiday.

  • Aurora Around The World

    Aurora Around The World – An aurora is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere).

  • Boutique Hotels

    Boutique Hotels – With the thought of coming up with luxury boutique hotels, travelers today are no longer limited to the cheap motels or big, branded hotels. This boutique hotels offer a different hotel experience, as intimate as giving you a feeling of a home away from home, really comfortable, or eccentric in best of […]

  • Unique Buildings – PART 1

    Unique Buildings – PART 1- Buildings are houses, buildings or any facilities, infrastructure or infrastructure in culture or human life in its civilization as well as bridge building and construction and design. Generally, a civilization of a nation can be seen from the engineering building techniques as well as facilities and infrastructure are made or left […]

  • Unique Restaurant Around The World – PART 2

    Unique Restaurant Around The World – PART 2 – This is the continued post from Part 1. You can read it by clicking the link at the end of this post. This unique restaurant is located around the world and sure will somehow invite people to go and try to dine at the restaurant because […]

  • Unique Restaurant Around The World – PART 1

    Unique Restaurant Around the World PART 1 - A restaurant is a construction in which they are served food and drinks to be consumed in the room. The term covers a wide range of businesses and various types of cuisine. Sometimes restaurants are part of a larger complex, typically a hotel, in which case the rooms […]

  • Japanese Rice Field Art

    Japanese Rice Field Art – Since 1993 the farmers of the town Inakadate Japan, in Aomori Prefecture, plan their crops of rice to the achievement of unusual works of land art. Apparently the local farmers planted the seeds in a precise arrangement, alternating kodaimai those of rice varieties, red and yellow leaves from those of […]

  • Eh’haeusl – World Smallest Hotel in Germany

    This narrow building boasts the smallest hotel in the world. The miniature 2.5m-wide guesthouse spans over a meagre 53 sq/m and can only cater for one couple at time. The five-star Eh’haeusl, in Amberg, Germany, stretches over seven narrow floors but boasts all the mod cons from flat screen televisions to a mini spa.