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  • Living the American Holiday Dream

    Living the American Holiday Dream | If you fancy somewhere a little further afield and a bit more special than your average beach break, a trip to the Americas could be just what you’re after.

  • 10 Exhibitions to Visit in New York for 2012

    It’s a big year for New York art exhibitions in 2012; the city has a huge amount going on in the world of art so make the most of it. Book into one of the cheap New York hotels and you’ll be able to afford to stay for even longer to explore the arty city. On the […]

  • Exploring the Mystery of Sea Caves in Hawaii

    The sea caves near Honaunau should not be missed! These are one of the secrets of the Big Island. When visiting the Place of Refuge at Honaunau, you may want to rent a kayak and bring it along with you. Continue past the Park until you start to see dark lava rock cliffs in front […]

  • The Top 5 Must-See in New York City (That Are Off the Beaten Path)

    We Meet Our New York City Tour Guide Who Speaks in Fluent, Big Apple Argot So, what? Youse in New Yhork? Lookin’ for sumthin’ diffrent tah do? Whatsamatta? Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the freakin’ Statue of Liberty not good enough for youse?! Wanna get off the beaten path and lookin’ for a little advice […]

  • Incoming Storm Clouds Over The USA

    “The incoming storm clouds over the United States” is truly a great shot. Where was this taken? I see the dirt road, what looks like might be a hay field, and thus have narrowed it down to anywhere between Kansas and Ohio, South Dakota and Texas. Or, it could even be from not a stereotypical […]

  • Get Best Money Exchange Rate and Converter Online at Travelex.com

    There are many times when one needs to get money in different currencies. At all places especially when one is travelling, they cannot use the US dollars and they need the local currency. In all such times one needs to get the currencies exchanged and for this one needs a reliable source. For all money […]

  • The Wave, Must Visit Place for Landscape Photographers

    This amazing sandstone rock formation is one of the most famous locations for the hikers and photographers in Arizona. It is called The Wave because its shape looks exactly like huge wave made of stone. It is located in Coconino County in Arizona, United States.

  • Best Road Trips in United States

    Going on long drives to some of the best destinations of the world has been a dream of everyone. In addition to the excitement that final destination can offer, the beauty of the road can be equally mesmerizing. Some of the best known road trips in the United States which have left the visitors aghast […]

  • Top 5 Natural Attractions in California

    United States in North America have quickly come up on the list of most visited countries in the world. However, when people come to United States they usually prefer to go on the western side somewhere around California. The State of California is certainly a place where you can enjoy your holidays with your friends […]

  • Beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

    AMERICANS celebrated the beauty of Washington’s landmark pink cherry blossoms, but also had at heart the tragedies which jolted Japan on March 11. People come to Washington D.C. to show their support. I think many people have a lot of friends, students affected by Japan earthquake. One visitor, Chris Hudler, a 31-year-old soccer coach, said […]