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  • Wedding with the Penguins at Underwater World Langkawi

    Wedding with the penguins at Underwater World Langkawi – Langkawi is a very well-known island in Malaysia. It is also known as the Jewel of Kedah as it is part of Kedah state. Langkawi is said to be a heaven for shopaholic as it is a duty-free island which is what traveling is all about […]

  • Gambar Kahwin Adlin and Emelda

    Yesterday on 23 May 2009, Adlin Aman Ramli (38) and Emelda Rosmila (29) has legally being a husband and wife in a very moderate ceremony with attendees about 100 people at Ipoh, Perak. Adlin who is famous with his “hot” critique in Akademi Fantasia show, took him only one try to finish the “job”. Below […]

  • Top 3 Seiko Watch Selection for a Wedding Day

    The wedding day is just around the corner and my fiancée asked me what my favorite watch is. She asked because she wants to buy it for me as a wedding present. I’m personally interested more on sport watch like G-Shock brand but since my age is not that younger anymore; I decide to have […]

  • Mawi and Ekin Arabian Nights Wedding at the Palace of the Golden Horses

    I got this news from the News Straits Times Malaysia. I wonder how long is actually the celebration of Mawi and Ekin Wedding. It has been almost 3 weeks if I were not mistaken. Anyway, the wedding reception of singer Asmawi Ani, or Mawi, and Nora’asikin Rahmat was held at Le’Marquee, Palace of the Golden […]

  • Mawi & Ekin Helicopter Wedding (Kahwin) at Taib Andak Johor

    I thought Mawi and Ekin wedding is already done and they are on the honeymoon but it is not. From the news at Murai, the second wedding event held at Taib Andak Johor. One thing that I newly learn is about Ekin’s hometown at Taib Andak. Hmm who thought that this pretty girl is from […]

  • Wedding Pictures of Mawi AF3 and Ekin in Johor Bharu

    In just one breath and a dowry of RM22.50, artiste Asmawi Ani, or Mawi, was officially married to Nora’ashikin Rahmat (Ekin) at the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, here today. The couple became husband and wife after the akad nikah (exchange of vows) ceremony performed by Imam Datuk Mahad Mohd Said at about 11.40am. The ceremony […]

  • Rich Estranged and Velvet AF4 Marriage

    At last, Rich Estranged is successfully marrying Velvet from Akademi Fantasia 4 after couple of months trying on winning the heart. One by one Malaysian artists is married this year. When would be my turn? Another question, am I an artist too? Nope laaaa..

  • Rita Rudaini and Aidil Zafuan Married Already?

    What???!!! Rita Rudaini, a beautiful lady is already married to Zafuan? And this marriage has already being at least 10 months now, without people knew it. I’m not following any kind of local entertainments as well as celebrity’s private life, so I’m kinda shocked when knowing that Rita is actually 32 years old. Hmmm..I thought she were 20 […]

  • Que Haidar and Linda Jasmin Wedding Place 2009

    Enough of travel and Akademi Fantasia, I’m switching to hot news at the moment which is the confession of Que Haidar and Linda Jasmin. Pick this news from the star online, actor Que Haidar is set to marry dance instructor Linda Jasmin Hashim, Mingguan Malaysia reported yesterday. The couple announced their decision live on Astro […]

  • Akademi Fantasia Kahwin: Marriage of Rosma and Khai

    The rumour was actually true. During Akademi Fantasia Season 1, this couple of Khai and Rosma had been gossiped together. Finally, their gossip or the relationship didn’t go to the vain as they were getting married. Love develops during AKADEMI FANTASIA time. Good love lasts, unlike MILA AND EBI from Akademi Fantasia 5. I know […]