Tag: Wonder

  • Fire Rainbow

    Fire Rainbow | When you think you understand the beauty in nature, especially in the magical awe that a rainbow can inspire, then something will appear that still manages to both surprise and delight you in equal measure.

  • Conquering The Wonders Of Asian

    Conquering The Wonders Of Asian | The impressive Asia is the wonderful realm for any traveler and when you say Asia you think Thailand and all the exotic vacations you might have on the sandy beaches, think again and consider the beauties of Asia that are not exactly available in the luxury all inclusive resorts.

  • Wave Rock of Hyden – Surfing on the Land

    Can you believe people can actually surf not only on the beach, but also on the land? 14 meters high, and 110m long, the face of Wave Rock appears ready to crash onto pre-historic surf, now frozen in time. Believed to have formed over 2700 million years ago, Wave Rock is part of the northern […]

  • Kiyomizu Dera Temple Osaka

    This is another UNESCO World Heritage listed site in Japan – Kiyomizu-dera (音羽山清水寺, Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera, literally means “Pure Water Temple”), one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Kyoto. This famous temple received World Cultural Heritage Listing by UNESCO in December 1994. Kiyomizudera (The Clear Water Temple) is the main temple of the Hosso sect of […]