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  • Hotel Room Safe Box – Is it Really Trustworthy and Secure?

    I believe many of you have traveled a lot whether locally or internationally. During those times, I bet you must have seen a hotel room with room safe box or room security box. Have you ever used that kind of thing to secure your expensive belongings? I don’t and I hope you do not too […]

  • Official Singapore Airlines Journey Girl Ads

    This new official Singapore Airlines (SIA) ads video is beautiful to the hilt. You will love the way the video is made; high definition and very sharp. Though, its being shot as a campaign production for Singapore airlines, but the SIA video has more to it. The ads, entitled “A Journey with the Singapore Girl” […]

  • A Journey with The Singapore Girl (Teasers)

    Singapore airlines had begun their promotional campaign to attract tourists to their fold. The campaign, which is called “A journey with the Singapore girl” is making headlines across the globe. The airlines are trying to woo tourists from big cities and towns. Singapore airlines had made numerous video clippings, and these video clippings are made […]

  • Official World Cup 2010 Song/Lyrics/Video Waka Waka by Shakira

    Wondering what the official theme song for World Cup 2010? While many are confused with the official World Cup song, you are lucky because coming at the right place. For your information, the song was co-written and performed by Shakira and is called Waka Waka (means This Time for Africa). I tell you now that […]